Thursday, July 31, 2008

Green Obama

So it would seem, Barak is already acting presidential, and his energy plan has both short and longterm goals. And .. due to the web, it's all documented for future review, making what was said, a matter of record in the hands of the public.

Cool. I'm good with that. When the rubber hits the road, we all know who said what about that gasprice. take a look.

How about a total tax credit for Electric, hybrid and fuelcell cars. Green car = ZERO TAX.

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CTN GREEN said...

We are very proud of Senator Obama's plan for environmental protection as well as CTN's endeavor to promote not only our company, but many other companies who are working diligently to look towards the future of our world, for our future generations. We have got to protect this planet, for we just do not know how much longer it has, and how much longer we have. If we do not come up with alternatives now, we leave future generations with a serious question mark. Kudos to Senator Obama and CTN Green. We are proud to be part of your work.