Sunday, June 15, 2008


New Segment underway at CTN, but for this one we decided to hookup some social networking and open it to public interaction. This is a global thing, you can be anyone anywhere on the planet.

ok .... so what is ECOasis ?

Essentially an OASIS is a small eco-system in the desert that manages to survive out in the middle of nowhere, all by itself, usually based on a spring water source. An ECOASIS is the name we cobbled up to call a place you can can build (not that you live in a desert but we are guessing you dont allocate much room to eco-green yet either), and progressively grow your ecozone of an oasis as you incorporate more of the renewable,recyclable and sustainable action into your style and life.


Making a big green-centric impact on your life or abode is too daunting for most, best that you do what you can, learn what you should and take it a step at a time. We suggest an Ecologically sensible little green OASIS within your own home or apartment,, something like a recycle/garden corner perhaps to start , a small space and place to get your green-side happening.

Its all good.

My ecoasis is at the moment a small palm tree planter with a recepticle in the side for holding bottles for recycle. I want to make more of that starting point and plan to document that effort as it takes over the room it is in, get suggestions and do them. In this way you can literally decide to have me do stuff and then see it on screen and in video. We just added storage there for re-usable shopping bags ( 5 big ones and 2 insulated "cooler" bags ) thanks to one suggestion we got a moment ago.

YOU CAN HAVE AN ECOASIS TOO... or maybe you already do stuff like that and dont have a name for it.... all the better.

For the moment we will just take comments into this blog, but tomorrow we will have a youtube channel and gallery so you can paricipate if you like, and see what others have made.

These things have a public rating system in a way, so the most ( even a few votes is good ) voted on will get a CTN GREEN ECOASIS t-shirt and maybe a few gifts in a CTN GREEN goodie bag. Its more important however that you do this for yourself, you know its time to progress forward, we just want to help with some trinkets and incentive.

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